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Have you ever been in one of those situations where you wished you just threw your car away from the unexpected inconvenience? Well, you never have to worry about the sudden faults anymore. Car rental agencies have come in to save you from all the car inconveniences you might find yourself in. The rental services are there to help with heavy duty cars and even luxury cars as well. You don’t have to buy all kinds of cars these days, just buy the one you love most and get a rental whenever you need to go outside your comfort zone. However, you are not going about renting a car from just any agency, you need to find one you can rely on and that can offer you the services you require. The following are some of the factors to put into consideration.WHEN CHOOSING A CAR

  • The first step before getting into any car rental store and trying to lease a car is knowing the kind of car you want to lease out from an agency. For instance, you might want a Nissan model of a car such as a Nissan GTR. In this case you will need to find an agency that offers a Nissan GTR car rental. This will help you save time that you might have gone around searching as the Nissan GTR car rental is quite unique and you should look up agency that specializes in Nissan models to save time.
  • The second thing you need to look into before you pick out an agency that can offer you the perfect services that can make it easier to lease a car. For instance, you need to find a rental agency that enables you to lease a car model at least a month before the actual period you need it. This is a very important as it will enable you to reserve a car model that may be rare or in great demand so that you don’t have to worry about its availability when you actually need it the most.
  • The other thing you need to be informed about is that every rental agency is going to promise you that they are worth the price they are presenting to you. You need not fall into the sweet words they sell to you. Make a point of looking around and browsing wider to get the price quotes for other agencies for the model type you are looking into. This will help you a lot in ensuring that you save a lot of money so that you don’t end up spending more money than you should have in the first place. These factors should assist you as you go out to choose a rental company.


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So you have decided that within the next few weeks or months, you will take your family to an exotic holiday location. You are also totally tired-mentally and physically-from the routine daily life which you have been leading for the past year or so. Your body and mind is crying out for some relaxation. The same could very well be the case with your wife and children who also need a break from the monotony associated with their daily lives. Given the above situation, there is no doubt that taking a holiday is perhaps the best thing that you can offer to your family. However, there are quite a few things which need to be planned and many loose ends have to be tied up. Apart from locating the right holiday destination, making travel and staying arrangements is also vital. While there could be many who could opt for public transport systems for moving to and from such holiday destinations, there will be many and more who would be happier arranging their own transport. They might feel that moving in the choicest of luxury cars would make the entire event that much more memorable. These types of people  would certainly be on the lookout for the right service providers who offer the best of exotic car rentals.

Where To Look For Quality Luxury Cars On Hire

However, it is quite possible that many of them may not have the right kind of knowledge and information regarding these special cars. This is because such events and necessities may not have come up in their lives. Therefore it would be interesting to keep a few points in mind when there is a need to hire such cars. First and foremost as a customer you must keep in mind that hiring luxury is an expensive proposition and they must be ready to spend that kind of money. Once this is firmly in place, the next important step is to have a suitable budget in mind. This will help the prospective customers to identify the suitable service providers who can meet your specific budgets and needs.


While there could be many brick and mortar stores which offer these luxury cars on hire, having a look at the internet has its own advantages and benefits. It will help customers to broad base their search instead of being confined to one single area, town or neighborhood. There are many online luxury car rentals who could offer the best of luxury cars on hire for you in your town even though they could be located a few hundred miles. When you look up a few such service providers, you can aspire to get a better rate and you can also get the best of other facilities and amenities.


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Hiring a luxury car is not an easy job for various reasons. Not many people have a working knowledge of luxury cars. When it comes to hiring them they simply do not right information. Over the past few decades many new models of luxury cars have come into the market, making things even more confusing for the unwary customer. It is unlikely that the average person will know enough about current makes and models, along with features and price ranges, to make an accurate choice when renting a luxury car. This market is becoming crowded. When looking for a luxury vehicle, it is quite likely that you will be approached by dozens of companies which are in the growing business of luxury car rentals. The sheer numbers and the choices which they offer will at times become overwhelming and you might also become confused and undecided. Therefore it is vital that you have the required knowledge and information on luxury cars so that you can hire the right vehicle at the right price.

exotic car rental company choices in LA

Exotic car rental company choices in LA

Before you start looking out for luxury cars on hire, you must have a clear budget in your mind. This is because these cars could start from a few hundred dollars and could go up to a few thousand dollars. For example there are some high premium models of Limousines which could be available on rent for thousand dollars per hour. Hence it is important to have fixed on the budget without which you will not be able to make much headway.


Secondly it would be better if you have a specific model and make of car in mind. This will help you to focus your attention and energy on those models instead of looking at all models which are available in the market. When choosing a exotic car rental company like our partner envus motors you must always be sure that they have the required experience and expertise. Without this two attributes you may end up choosing the wrong car. Reputation and goodwill are also factors which play a critical role in selecting a luxury car hiring company. Finally you must spend time comparing offers from many luxury car hiring companies. This will help you to know the market rates and also choose the best service provider which offers best value for money.


All the above attributes are equally important and the onus lies on the customers to ensure that he selects the best service provider. These professionals must be able to offer holistic solutions which are to the complete satisfaction of their customers. Customers should start early in identifying the right luxury car for hire. Last minute confusions could make the entire task challenging and prone to errors.


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A very unique vehicle called the Campagna T-Rex has become very popular in the last few years. It is something that is very different from a traditional vehicle, much more similar to a motorcycle, and that is actually how it is often registered. It is a three wheeled vehicle, with two in the front and one in the back. Powered by a Kawasaki motor that can deliver almost 200 hp, and over 110 in torque, it’s able to get up to speeds of 60 miles an hour in less than four seconds. Here’s an overview of this very interesting vehicle, one that can seat to people, that has really impressed those that are looking for something different that can hit top speeds.

Campagna T-Rex Overview

Originating back in the 1990s, with only a 1.4 L Kawasaki engine, this vehicle has definitely improved. Now equipped with a 1.6 L BMW engine, it has become much more versatile and faster on the road. The new model can do hundred and 30 pound feet of Reasons To Own The Campagna T-Rextorque, getting up to over 5000 RPM. It utilizes a six speed sequential transmission, and is now designed with a crash tested tubular chassis, plus roll cage, making it much more safe than all of its predecessors. Other safety features include the three-point safety belts, and it has become more modern with waterproof marine grade seats and 180 what audio system. You can play your iPod, iPhone, or even plug-in your computer through the USB port plus it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Why People Love This Vehicle

Similar to the popularity of the amazing Ariel Atom, it is different because it is virtually open, and allows you to generate incredible speeds. This is despite the 16 inch front wheels which are set so wide apart, yet they are perfect for taking the tightest corners at excessive speeds. There are also high mounted headlights, and removable side cases. They have also improved on the braking system using Willwood brake discs, able to stop this 1000 pound vehicle on a dime.

Drawbacks To The Design

The design of this vehicle is probably the only drawback that people could point at, specifically that you are out in the open. That’s why it needs to have a roll bar, to prevent what could be a very disastrous event, especially losing control at high speeds. Other than that, those that own this vehicle, and especially those that want to own one, have nothing but praise for this very unique and fast-paced vehicle.

There is some debate as to whether or not this is a car or a motorcycle. It just depends on which way you want to look at it. It is priced very high for a vehicle of the size, almost $60,000, but it is designed for people that like something unique that goes extremely fast, that very few other people are driving. Now that you know a little bit more about the Campagna T-Rex, you should consider owning one for yourself. If you are a fan of the Ariel Atom which is similar in appearance, you will definitely want a Campagna T-Rex.